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When I left institute after 6 weeks of training, I was certainly nervous for my first day of school. I new that the learning curve was going to be steep (to say the least), but acclimating to life in the classroom was by far the greatest challenge that I had thus far experienced. My first couple weeks as “Zachary Taylor – Middle School Math Teacher” went without incident. However, in the words of our 7th Grade social studies teacher – “the kids will gradually start to get squirrely” as the year goes on. This post is largely about my experience transitioning from institute (TFA training) to my Detroit classroom.
Entering late September most of my classes definitely started testing how far they could push me. For a while I did not know how to react. Sure, I had created a classroom management and investment plan (standard procedure for TFA CMs) but writing and…

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When I was a student in 8th grade English, my teacher would give us a word or a phrase – something like slavery or independence day – and ask us jot down the first 4 to 6 words that came to our head. Right now, when I reflect on my first year of teaching the…

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Jul 08 2012

Food for thought…

This is the first chapter of the Book of Ecclesiastes (Book of Priests). The tone of this book is so different from any other in the Bible that it sparked an endless debate from moment it was included. It is not a book of prophecy. It is not a book about going to heaven or…

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I had hoped to have more time to update my blog while I am here in Philly but as I expected they’re keeping us pretty busy. The way I actually first found this site was when I was researching TFA. I was looking for opinions from strong supporters of the organization, strong opponents, and everything…

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Jun 21 2012


Sorry I haven’t updated my blog for a couple weeks, I got mono and I spent a week and a half on the couch lol. Today I finished my first full day of Induction as a 2012 Detroit Corps Member. Induction functions as an orientation to the region and community in which we will be…

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Jun 01 2012


I went to a job fair two weeks ago and was offered a job as a math teacher at Clippert Academy – a middle school in Mexicantown of Southeast Detroit. I have yet to receive a formal offer from DPS so hopefully it will come soon lol. Right now, I’m also interviewing with the EAA until I…

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May 14 2012


Hi! I’m Zachary Taylor (Zach) and thanks for taking the time to check out my blog. I just graduated from Michigan State University with a BA in International Relations and a minor in Spanish. I run, swim, and play the saxophone. I am very interested in studying the education system and after 3 or 4…

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