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Jun 21 2012


Sorry I haven’t updated my blog for a couple weeks, I got mono and I spent a week and a half on the couch lol. Today I finished my first full day of Induction as a 2012 Detroit Corps Member. Induction functions as an orientation to the region and community in which we will be working. They break us up into groups and send us out to work with different community service-based organizations. I had a great visit to Clippert Academy a couple weeks ago and I really enjoyed seeing the school and meeting some of the staff. Unfortunately, my school placement is still up in the air (I have not received an official offer from Detroit Public Schools yet) but hopefully I will find out in a couple weeks where I will be working for sure. I’m giving a teaching demonstration for the Education Achievement Authority on Saturday and I’m excited to give an example of my teaching style.

Institute (rigorous 5 weeks of training) begins this Sunday evening. I’m both excited and a little nervous to begin training. It’s supposed to be the toughest 5 weeks we may experience in our time as corps members. Other than that I’m continuing to read up on different teaching strategies as well as the different views in the education reform movement. I’ll try to write a new post soon!

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