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Jun 28 2013

A 2012 CM’s reflection on the first year of teaching…

When I was a student in 8th grade English, my teacher would give us a word or a phrase – something like slavery or independence day – and ask us jot down the first 4 to 6 words that came to our head. Right now, when I reflect on my first year of teaching the first few words that come to my mind are: hard, long, growth (personally), fun, rewarding, and excited (for next year).

But obviously, this type of activity does little to sum up my experiences – in fact one blog entry would not provide enough space to do it justice. Over the next couple weeks, I plan on posting a series of blogs that summarize my experiences teaching in Detroit, as a TFA Corps Member, and as a participant in the greater education system. Some of my planned topics: Pros & Cons of TFA training, the multiple faces of TFA, education in Detroit, Education Reform, and Education Reform Discourse.

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